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What is the Linear Economy?

7 minute read

In 2023, a global impact organization, Circle Economy, reported a staggering figure: the global economy today is only 7.2% circular [1]. While the concept of...

What is a Circular Economy?

6 minute read

Today, we live in a world driven by a linear economy based on a “take-make-waste” approach. With the earth’s resources being depleted at an unprecedented rat...

Solar Energy Landscape — Africa

6 minute read

Africa has abundant sunshine, with most regions enjoying over 300 days of sunshine per year[1]. But how much solar potential does the continent have, and wha...

The Renewable Energy Revolution in Fukushima

8 minute read

Eleven years have passed since the devastating earthquake and tsunami hit Japan in 2011. At magnitude 9.0, the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake was the large...

Recycling Photovoltaic (PV) modules

7 minute read

Reusing and recycling PV modules are crucial in making the solar industry more circular and sustainable. While some PV modules still have useful life left up...

Reusing Photovoltaic (PV) modules

7 minute read

While the typical lifetime of a PV module is 25-30 years, there are cases where PV modules get decommissioned from PV systems before they reach their end-of-...

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